"As far as I can remember, the image has always been an integral part of my life. I had the immense chance to find out early. Today, I see my job as visually translating words, desires, sensations. I like to look for what is not feasible in the real world, often through the use of special effects by creating strong images that remain in mind - that, is the ultimate goal. The clip is all my life, so much it brings together the image and the sound : my two centers of interests. Thus, I created the APM FILMS media, with the aim of highlighting the directing work in the musical field." - Baptiste Guilmard 
This studio project aimed to capture the personality of an artist. With my partner Alessandro Ferraioli, we created a bright minimalistic setting in tune with our model's down to earth and modest personality. We decided to use objects such as Baptiste's super 8 vintage camera to represent his hobbies. 
Finally, we wanted to create the portrait of an artist's self-portrait. To represent his passion for rap we decided to add vinyls to hint his love for music. As Baptiste often works behind the camera we decided to capture him filming himself (for a change) through his camera, captured live on his computer. 

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